Among the old unwatched films, this movie programme will stream “Koon Hna Eain Tan Ka Ma Jan Bon”, one of the fine art pieces of Director Maung Wunna. Most original film reels of this film have been decayed. The telecine version of this film is being stored on Umatic tapes and kept at Myanmar Radio and Television. At this digital age, Umatic players are no longer in use but many precious film contents are being survived as Umatic tapes and people cannot get access to them. We are very glad to share that Save Myanmar Film has successfully digitized the Umatic tapes, restored the film and now it is time to show the film to the audiences. The digitization process is mainly supported by MOWCAP (Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific) Programme 2020. There are many other great films like “Koon Hna Eain Tan Ka Ma Jan Bon” which are being survived as different carrier such as Umatic tapes, film reels, etc. They are to be saved urgently. Note: The audiences will be able to watch the film on the 25th of December (Christmas Day). The screening link will be published on Save Myanmar Film Facebook Page and Website on the 24th of December.