The Save Myanmar Film is a project in collaboration with Ministry of Information, Myanmar. In order to run and organize more audio-visual archiving trainings, projects, digital restoration programmes and activities; in order to raise funds and in order to co-operate with organizations from outsides Myanmar, the team is going to register in Myanmar. The project team has been working on saving old films from abandoned states in government and public hands. The team has put an urgent focus on saving 12 black and white films and news reels, other surviving Myanmar Heritage Films from 1930s-1990s that are stored in poor condition in the archive building under Ministry of Information.


Certificates of Honor Awarding Ceremony

The President of Myanmar Motion Picture Organization, U Zin Wyne awarded the Certificates of Honor to Save Myanmar Film Team for their great efforts to successfully inscribe "The Emerald Jungle" (1934) as Regional Register for Asia Pacific Region (Memory of the World Program) UNESCO.

Thank you so much for these certificates which motivate the team to move forwards and to carry out the future plans.

We are very grateful to all the distinguished guests attended to today's ceremony for their supports.

This honorary certificates awarding ceremony was held at FDC (Film Development Center) under Ministry of Information this morning.

Save Myanmar Film team is very glad to help finding film cans donors for the handful surviving films. Most of the film cans are being rusty and not in good conditions. They need to be changed with the new ones in time.

Hence, on behalf of Myanmar National Film Archive, we are very grateful to Mr. Yoji Sugitani, Mr. Shinichi Takana, Mr. Kanzuhito Sano and Mr. Yuho Sano for donating 210 new film cans which are to be used for preserving the most important audiovisual heritages and documentary films being kept in the archive vault.

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